Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris


Por tomar un par de fotos me perdí en Notre Dame aproximadamente una hora (estuve apunto de llorar y entrar en pánico, después recordé que yo traía la llave del airbnb y se me quitó)

🌸Le beau temps met les cerisiers en valeur😍🌸
🌸Stunning weather in Paris and full blooming cherry blossoms😍🌸
📍Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris(📷2018/04/18)
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Sweet memory

#tbt to the time I got locked inside Norte Dame cathedral alone #quasimodo #sanctuary #notredame

One of my favorite destinations in Paris was Notre Dame cathedral. We didn’t have the chance to walk inside but the energy surrounding the building was incredible. Next time I will spend a whole day experiencing this place truly. #vacation #paris #notredame #architecture #gothic #beautiful #picoftheday #photography #perfect #instagood #spiritual #sunny #tbt #throwback #takemeback

“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16

Things are not always easy. We all have our battles, our wilderness. But we are never alone. He has gone before us and has given His strength so that we may overcome. And though we may be in battle, we are doing so in His name and He is on our side.
Though you are a sheep you are strong, and though you are deep in the wilderness and see no way out, there is a light for your journey.
Regardless of your struggle, remain as innocent as a dove. For everyone else is also in the woods, in their war, on their way, and a little grace toward ourselves and our neighbors is needed now more than ever.
I’m not normally preachy but I’ve been filled with the Holy Spirit lately, and I listened to a worship tonight that made me cry. When is the last time you were so moved you actually shed a tear? I believe we need more moments like that, for it’s in those moments that something has connected deeply in our soul.

The last time I cried like that was walking through the Cathedral Norte Dame, and I was so overwhelmed with spirit I was overcome with tears.
Chase those times that make you feel so much you cry. Those messages and experiences are meant to get through to you.

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