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Space Needle



I lived in Washington for 12 years and this was my first time visiting the Space Needle! I miss it here!

♡ space needle ♡

The rain stopped just long enough to see some amazing views from the Space Needle! 🙌 We also took an Underground Tour and I think our favorite part of that was learning about the history and early days of Seattle. ☔️ Emmy then spent some time comparing the fires that she also learned about in Park City and San Francisco. I love that she is getting a hands on education where history actually happened. 😍#showthemtheworld #familytravel #seattle #spaceneedle

Happy Friday Redhawks! 👐

Whether you've had a long week acing those midterms, or are just preparing for the storm, take a moment to breathe and welcome the weekend with open arms.

While you're at it, let's enjoy a #flashbackfriday from when the Space Needle went red for us Redhawks.

Yeah, we're kind of a big deal 😉

Byeeee Seattle! 🌧✈️❤️next.... ☀️☀️



Sticking out like tourist in the PWN

Holding on for dear life in the rain.... bless him @seiby let go in the end! #scared #spaceneedle #instagram #insta #instagay #gay #seattle #washingtonstate #letgo #high #funny #love

The sun decided to make an appearance as WooConf '17 wrapped up. The rain was getting old.

Spotting new vegan restaurants like...


It's the #jetsons 😂📸

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