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天下無不散的筵席,阿寶你在墨爾本混好一點等我們去找你哦~ Yerin當真的是酒國天后,龍舌蘭也喝不倒😲 男人倒光了,女人只能玩濾鏡了😛
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Meet Adam Juma! From Tanzania. This post is in celebration of #sponserselfieday which @compassionau has taken the time to dedicate to sponser’s and sponser children 😍they have asked us to post photos and why we decided to sponser a child. The first photo is the latest photo (I get sent one every year... he’s grown so much!) I keep it in a frame and display it on my ‘photo shelf’ where I keep all my favourite photos of my friends and family. The second is his most recent letter and it is so PRECIOUS to me. We end each letter with “I love you” and he actually WROTE IT IN ENGLISH FOR THE FIRST TIME!! When I got it I felt so much love and I haven’t even met him! It’s such an unreal feeling to love and cherish someone and I never take him for granted.
The reason why I wanted to sponser him actually came from my mothers love for Africa. Ever since I was a little girl she always had a big heart for those in third world countries that suffer because we do nothing... and passed that on to me! When I was 13 I decided for Christmas that I wanted to sponser a child. I wanted to sponser a child from Africa is particular because I have always had a love for that country and I wanted to sponser a boy because if I ever wanted a child I would want a son... which is still true. I was a Christian (now I consider myself ‘spiritual’) and I thought it was so important to give a Child something to believe in and something to love... so thanks to Mr Google i was able to find @compassionau and he was on the “urgent” page, which basically means the child needs to be sponsored as soon as possible. There were a few children and as I scrolled down I saw his face and I felt something, I’m not sure what it was, maybe it was God, but I knew that he was the one that I wanted to help and get to know. He was 5 at the time and now he is 14!!! My parents sponsored him until I was able to take over and keep up with his payments. He is $58 a month to sponser and I also added on the ‘sponser plus’ pack for an extra $12. I am not rich... I’m barely middle class. I live off a disability support pension as I am not working at the moment due to an mental health illness... if I can, you can to!

You are always there when i need you the most thx for going though everything with me. I love you guys xx ❤. Sorry if i didn't tag all of you.

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