Massachusetts College of Art and Design


ima miss all of my valid pals <3

Nothing compares to the joy of teaching what you love to others.
It sure was an intensive summer. But it was worth it.

I am so thankful to have found such talented people who will also go to Blick with me twice in one day

video for my MASSart experience. sad to see it over but ready to go back to NC ♥️ (full video in bio)

After nearly four hours of figure drawing, I wanted to change up the style in my second class. Side portrait of @inspired_model_behavior done in ink on cardboard (more specifically, the back of a paper pad, because we ran out of paper). #geometric #paint #art #artwork #ink #illustration #portrait #portraiture #abstract #contemporary #graffiti #draw #figure #artist

It was suggested that I experiment with #collage . I will have great joy in cutting these pieces up for this trial. #process #artist #ink #massartmfa #massart #wip #summerschool #mixedmedia #artoftheday

Boston 🇺🇸

thx massart for this opportunity to meet such awesome incredible people with amazing talent 💕 i’ll forever cherish our fun memories

Had a wonderful session of the Boston Art Salon last night - showed off some more recent and very much in process work - thanks Ian for the lightable! #animation #animator #womenanimators #directonfilm #ancientpottery #ancientmaterialculture #lascaux #chauvet #experimentalanimation #neolithic

Pattern making project with @massartboston summer intensives students, summer fruit editions

More snippies from daily drawings from last 2 weeks. I might just keep this up on a smaller scale (these r on 11x14)

Here 4 a good time not a long time :( thanks for the best 2 weeks ❤️🎨🐛

I blindly chose Kanishka Raja as a professor, oblivious to the lasting impact he would have on my work. He never let us make any excuses. His response to a good painting was “make more“. He taught me how to navigate Manhattan without a map. He taught me what contemporary painting is. He taught me what a Riot Girl was. He taught me about La Tigre, Prince, and Dinosaur Jr. He told me that if you want to be better than everyone else you need to wake up 3 hours earlier than everyone else. He said go to your studio every day. He said that every artist should read Proust. I got the chance to see him a few months ago and he was the same old Kanishka, tolerating my anxious musings. He would hate a sappy post like this. I am heartbroken but glad to have known him. We have the best job in the world, which is being an artist, and get to live on through our work. I could write a lot more. ( I took this photo on an nyc subway in 2011 )

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