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Maxwell Food Centre


in a rush.

Checkpoint No.1 天天海南雞飯
係好食既 汁夠辣 蔗汁又平

Tsingtao and food courts 😜#Singapore #FoodieHeaven

Hainanese chicken and rice is life 😌😌 #sgeats

Hainanese chicken rice. 🤤

Back at my favorite China Street Fritters for e egg slice. They are only left e 2 items at 6pm. One of e bosses is really friendly and we ended up chatting for an hour ... Lol...Congrats for winning yet another award recently! #家发是个吃货

Pas nanya ke beberapa orang lokal, antaranya petugas hotel, supir taksi dll, makanan lokal apa yang harus saya coba mumpung lagi disini.. Jawabannya rata2 sama, salah satunya ini.. -
"ROJAK" .. .
Mirip spelling rujak kalo di Indo, cuma beda isian ama bumbu.
Gak tau ini versi yg mana, gak sempat nyari yg terkenal, karena waktu yg mepet, pokok begitu ketemu ada jual ini, dibeli aja.. Wkwk.
Enak sih, sebenarnya makannya lebih enak kalo saosnya di campur semua dan diaduk rata.. .
Ada yang suka ini? ----
#sbykulinerinfo #SKIsingapore #rojak #rojaksingapore

We are always looking out for food shot that reflects #whatissingapore... Do keep them coming in... Thank you @seventeen10 for this heart warming, and stomach filling capture... Indeed, we will always go back to the right uncle who is generous with serving, and gravy to go with rice.. 😊
Don't know why this unker oles gimme big portion. 📱



오랜만에치킨라이스도먹었다 ㅠㅠ 존맛 ㅠㅠ👍👍

in a rush.


🕊 Popo & Nana's Delights 🕊.🕊 Thursday's Delights 🕊. All sets @$6.00. No MSG. Bon Appetite. Stall no #70.

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