Maxwell Food Centre


Tsingtao and food courts 😜#Singapore #FoodieHeaven

@woowaileong: Sometimes after a busy night tending the bar, when the adrenaline from service is still flowing, I take a drive through the city in the wee hours of the morning to unwind. Walking through spots that have shuttered for the day, it gives you this sense that no matter what line of work you are in, you are a part of this greater whole... But in this moment, where the streets are empty, this city is yours.

#YourSingapore #Singapore #Travel

The fried to perfection pork chops, the generous slapping of curry that soaks the rice. Messily delicious to the max by China Street Hainanese Curry Rice. Expect a queue but service is fast

scouting: hawker stall signs | photo by @caitlinflynn | #bourdainmarket

Denim and @gucci today #singapore

Finding this little gem of a hawker market with about 90% locals eating. #eatlikealocal #bbqchicken #singaporefood #singaporeanfood

#singapore #hawker center#Maxwell food center. 포장마차처럼 노점들이 모여 하나의 큰음식도시를 이루는곳들이 많은 싱가.
맛은 정말괜찮지만 이더운날씨에 더운거먹고앉이있자니 #以熱治熱 !!

Back at my favorite China Street Fritters for e egg slice. They are only left e 2 items at 6pm. One of e bosses is really friendly and we ended up chatting for an hour ... Lol...Congrats for winning yet another award recently! #家发是个吃货


Checking out the only Michelin star hawker style (street food) in the world. Can't say I loved it.

Finding this little gem of a hawker market with about 90% locals eating. #eatlikealocal #bbqchicken #singaporefood #singaporeanfood

Maxwell Road Food Court, about 100 food stalls. Fast food, good food, cheap food. / SINGAPORE #singapore #trafanadotcom #TRAVELforLIFEgoFAR

Street food--all duck. / SINGAPORE #singapore #trafanadotcom #TRAVELforLIFEgoFAR #

There's an abundance of street food in Singapore. Crowded markets and food courts everywhere. Ceiling fans whizzing, fryers sizzling, rice pots steaming. The heat, humidity and aromas are dense. My lunch was 4 Singapore dollars, about $2.85 US. / SINGAPORE #singapore #trafanadotcom #TRAVELforLIFEgoFAR

🕊 Popo & Nana's Delights 🕊. 🕊 Thursday's Delights 🕊. All sets @$6.00. No MSG. Bon Appetite. Stall no # 70.

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