The Original Steakhouse


Baby Come On. Her: Daddy You Know I Do What I Want 😂😂 LOVE OF MY LIFE 😘😘


Poppin in this bihh. ✨

I think I won at the arcade

Out to dinner with my beautiful daughter Alex 😘😃👍🌺🦋💕.

العقل السليم بالجسم السليم 😝😜🙈🇺🇸

Niggaz say they grown men but do hoe shit!!

finally ❤️❤️ i've missed you
it feels so good to have you back


Sunday Funday with mi familia!

Desert was at my fav sports bar. #happybirthday #happy

Chilling at the bar!!! Waiting for my Lexington Street Crew

#weoutcherre got my two #babies Tae and her #partnerincrime her #bff Makhi #nochill they in here turning up #turndownforwhat

Killing some pirate zombies!

Eliana's 13th...

Layne loving this game lol. He picked up the gun and said "I& #39;m feeling some kind of way, let's drop some bodies!" I think I need to reevaluate my music choices in the car! #mytwistedmind #parentingfail

Daddy daughter date 👫

Gibby prefers low and slow

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