Playa del Rey Beach


My two favorite ladies. 🚲

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I had a really awesome weekend of diving deeper into astrology and bonding with 26 other strangers in a matter of 48 hrs through #kundaliniyoga and being open/honest/vulnerable, sharing our stories of suffering, confusion, each looking to align with our purpose in life, being of service to others through our gifts, and learning to heal our wounds while striving to heal the planet and others around us, being called to guide and helping to bring the unconscious, conscious(within ourselves). I’ve always studied on my own, it was so empowering to be in a room full of other women from different backgrounds and life experiences and giving of ourselves and listening to each other with open hearts. I’ve been having withdrawals from the workshop because it’s difficult to go back to just going through the motions in life without wanting to just do everything with greater purpose. I encourage everyone to get in touch with their higher selves, to be still, to let go of limiting relationships/beliefs, old habits/patterns that no longer serve u. We each have so much to give. we can spend lifetimes creating the same habits/story/future for ourselves or we can choose to move beyond into something so much greater. #newparadigm #riseofthematriarchy #ageofaquarius #newearth

Later babe ✌️

Why Playa Del Rey is my favorite beach. So much space! Today way a good day 💕🙏🏽

Quiero volver a la playa


Beach day 🏝 🚁

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