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Happy #founderfriday ❤️
The art of relaxation. This is what I come to Italy to learn. I had quite a stressful year- between running a household, a business, and a homeschool, my brother-in-law passed away, my nephew was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and my dad’s house was threatened by wildfires. My doctor told me to figure out how to relax and do that. The truth is, I dont know how to do that. My parents gave me a very strong work ethic. My mom said she’d enjoy life when she retired. She died about a year before retirement. I come to Italy because they are masters of slow living and I hope to learn from them. I’ve just discovered that the wonderful people in Umbria are the grand masters of relaxation. I want to enjoy life and I want my kids to learn to enjoy life— to really live. I do enjoy the hustle and I love my work, but this isn’t so bad either 😉 ❤️ @itsjesmylife #miniretirement #restandrecharge

On this trip, I’ve found myself saying that I don’t need to take a photo— that I’ll just take a photo in my head. My husband insisted he take out the camera to capture this moment and I’m so glad he did. I haven’t felt this much peace in a long time- my heart is overflowing 💓 #Umbria #italywithkids #familytravel #summersolstice



Making all the pasta with @fontanarofarm

Baby #olives

il mio amore

Pasta, sauce, tiramisu, wine

Fruits of our “labor”

Find #unique - “dumpling-oli” #pastafantasy

#pasta al a guitarra

Stella helping hands

#pasta !!!

@lianatics “Stegmaier-ing” the #tirimisu #cream

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