Green Bluff, Washington


Don’t recommend picking strawberries or cherries in strappy sandals and a dress in damn near 90 degree weather, BUT, I did enjoy my time with the fam bam and watching my amazing, adorable and beautiful nephew run around and eat every strawberry he picked instead of putting it in the basket 😂
Okay, okay let’s be real, the only strawberries I picked were literally to take these pictures 😂 I still don’t recommend being out there in this attire tho lol

thanks for making my birthday special ❤️
(reposting, got deleted)

Cheers to being the only single one left of the three amigos, and to Tyler for NOT TAKING OFF HIS DADGUM SUNGLASSES 🤷🏻‍♂️💍🍻 #congrats#KMO

The strawberries were extra small but extra us. 🍓 #USophA

You gotta reach for the good ones

Sunday night garden jumble.

Cherries!!! 🍒. #greenbluff #cherrypicking

I LOVE greenbluff! #greenbluff #upick

Had a wonderful day at Greenbluff today with my favorites. 😊❤️

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