Punxsutawney PA


❄️Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow❄️

Yep. Serious as a heart attack. Happy Ground Hog Day!

Where's Bill Murray???

The only good thing that's happened today. Found some butthole-kids ID card and mailed it back to him like this. Everything else has been awful.

Apparently they've never heard of global warming out here.

Our grandma was not excited to turn 92. So we got her a signed photo by her favorite person. Thank you @gabe_lheureux and @shaunwhite for making our #GrandmaPeeWee& #39;s 92nd birthday the best one yet.

At the intersection of #desire and #panic . What a conundrum #sign


❄️☔️😁 Be careful out there NYC!!! #slushcity #groundhogday #sixmoreweeks

Guess who got to go behind the scenes with The Weather Channel crew today for their live broadcast AND MEET JEN CARFAGNO!!!!!

Gobbler's Knob 2006. Quite the adventure. Bill Murray's got nothing on us. Happy Groundhog Day!! @scrodent @lucylaser @mikelanenotlame

Sod checking your meter here

❄️Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow❄️

Rental Car visor mirror. What happened here? #PunxyLiving

Such beautiful ladies!!!

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