South Tabor, Portland, Oregon


💫👌🏻magnifique 👌🏻💫 #rustbucket #vanityplate

The clinic is open- @wildroseacu. I’m over the moon excited to share this amazing place with Portland! Thank you everyone for the love and support 💛 .
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The clinic is open! Scheduling is available online, visit the website .
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Zucchini latkes on their way! Planted by @kikijoi barely kept alive by yours truly.

This guy knows just what to say to me when I’m feeling overwhelmed. ♥️🐾

Had the pleasure of working with my lovely buyers, fabulous lender @stephnoble , and they left a great review, thank you!

Rhubarb+soda. Rhubarb pie.

I am currently doing almost nothing right now so it would be nice to hang out with someone.

From the summit of Mount Ellinor to signing day. Thank you for trusting me with the purchase of your new home! I can’t wait to meet your wonderful family there with keys on Thursday 🏡🔑
I 💓 helping people get to signing day. Daniel and I have been friends for years and met in the #Mazamas a mountaineering group in Portland.

Nights with this hottie #besties

Directions to our backyard: listen for the ceaseless screaming children; stop when you see the algae bloom. 🙉🙈🍵

Night time for me is about managing my anxiety to the point that I can fall asleep. Glad I live in Oregon. ;) #420blazeit

Some things reliably survive the heat and are more beautiful for it. (Mimosa flower)

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