Learning Northern Man Fist Set in my #MMA class

On a happier, more adorable note... can we just talk about how freakin cute my baby is. For those that don't speak Elijah, that's "front position" and "horse stance" he's saying. Carry on.
#mybaby #babyboy #toocute #karate

Congratulations to Jeremy and his friends on hard work paying off. Next Level 👍🏼👊🏼

Wait for it...

It's been nearly a decade since I've trained. Now I return with a new dojo and an open mind.
#martialarts #dojo #newbeginning

The one rose I got was giving to me by a student😍🌹

At karate with my little fishy Jeremy......


Jeremy got his new belt yesterday after a tough 3 hour test.

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