Old Town Slidell Soda Shop


mardi gras shenanigans ✨

New soda jerk crew (aka the spice girls)

ya girl finally got her snowBALL ❄️❄️

the best birthday surprise I've ever gotten 🎈


it's symbolic

Twas a fantastic time celebrating the kid's last day of childhood before the teenage angst hits him. Thankful that our Louisiana family can always show us how to celebrate big with all the right food! ❤️🍦

## G R 0 0 V Y $$$,,, ;))))

Missed my homies, didn't get to see you all but it's crazy how time passes. Best of luck to you all😎


mardi gras shenanigans ✨

"As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen." So thankful that I got to share Mardi Gras with you guys. See ya real soon 💜💛💚

Went here with my best friends after almost two years 🌸 #food #milkshake #fatspiders

W.A.L.K. meeting. 🙌🙌🙌

⚜️Old Town Slidell NOLA

Medium Format - 120 Velvia shot on Bronica s2a 70mm nicon lens. Photo of a print (I need a scanner).

Happy sundae ! 🍦 #latergram

it's a brick da da da.. wall

First senior session of the year was so sweet! 🍦🍒

Cash me outside with some funnel fries, howbow dah 🍟

HBD cels🌟

Enjoying this heavenly afternoon treat- #rootbeerfloat !!