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Shawnee Baptist Church


#SBCYC15 preachers say the funniest things. What's the funniest things you've heard them say? #BaptistMemes

This was from yesterday, @larrychappell talked about how Jericho is an example of an obstacle we need to overcome.
#shoutout to @gingifer53 for being awesome!

she can always find a way to make me laugh💞

#HAC tour group singing in the closing service of the Shawnee Baptist Youth Conference in Louisville, KY. #sbcyc

Happy birthdayyyyy!!!! Thanks for being a great friend! 😄 #officially18 #finally #youareababy #sbcyc16 #wewantatshirt

Girls by my side and Jesus on my mind 💓⛪️

bc when you accidentally match, you take a picture💕 #tbt

@meagan_downing "You and I are more than friends...we're like a really small gang"

🎼There's something different in the air! It's Sunday!!!

brunettes do it better 💋 #sbcyc16


Our World Missions Conference begins this Sunday! Visit our Facebook page and view the full schedule so you don’t miss a single event.

Hanging with my boys and our little friend eli in the gym

Kicked off our fall program the right way! Love my church 💙 #SBC #sundayfunday

🎼There's something different in the air! It's Sunday!!!

Great week at Shawnee Baptist Youth Conference!!! Thankful to have the opportunity to speak and sing with my family. Nothing better than serving the Lord!! One of the perks of our family traveling to so many conferences, is getting to be around so many amazing men of God. Also love seeing God speaking to my kid's hearts. You'll see in the one pic Clara kneeling and surrendering her life to the Lord! Can't wait to see how God is going to use her. Loved loved being around our BBC young people. We had a blast together!!

I have had so much fun these past few days! I am so blessed to have been able to go to @sbcyc with these wonderful people. The messages were amazing and I enjoyed getting to know the people in my group better. Can't wait until next year! #sbcyc17 #kentuckykingdom #bestsummerever2017 #BlessGod @reneenovak @emilypacheco119 @aleciadawn43

Final sermon starts now. Please pray for the teens and leaders at #sbcyc17.

Pray for us as we enter the last service of #sbcyc17 We're asking God to speak through His Word!

Taking a pic of Brittany taking a pic for social media! #sbcyc17

A great day of bonding with God and my girls ❤️

In June of 1998, as a 7th grader, I heard the first sermon I remember hearing on "Purity" at the Gospel Light Youth Conference. Dr. Johnny Pope preached that message.
For the first time, I committed to remain pure until my wedding day. What a privilege tonight to introduce my wife to Dr. Pope and tell him thank you for faithfully preaching the Word. He's a hero of the faith. A faithful soldier of the cross! #sbcyc17

@meagan_downing "You and I are more than friends...we're like a really small gang"

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