Rexville, New York


We’re like this.🤞🏻#camping

An anthropomorphized 🌭 spotted in rural New York. #america #americanstyle #ruralamerica #rurallife #hotdog #roadsideamerica

I’d say this was a successful week of work


Fave barn ❤️

Now current in retrieves....H1 at 2500msl...40 miles out.

Eres mía sólo mía mía mía.... Gracias Mi Dios....

Busy but awesome weekend in NY getting some work done, pulled 17 stands and two gates from out of our no longer lease in Troupsburg, to put them on our upcoming new 103 acres by fall. Built two forms for new retaining walls for the driveway, poured them, and poured concrete under the mud room, and for the new bathroom/bedroom in the basement. @djaros22 @t_the_archer

Madrugar debe ser ilegal. BTW el location esta duro 😂 🐷

:) “It ain’t no problem”

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