Fort Boise Miltary Reserve


lookin’ good B town— happy to be spending the summer w/ you

Another great day riding! I'll definitely be out again tomorrow.

Sunday morning ⛅️
#thisisboise #idahome 📷:@michael.the.mage

Can’t get enough of spring in the foothills.🌼 #7spring #thisisboise #idaho

Warning - long post. TLDR version: I bought a bike and God is dope.

Recently I've been thinking a lot on how much has changed for me between 2017 and 2018. Last year I put a ton of time and effort towards climbing. I was spending 9-12 hours a week in the gym and then I was out probably 3 weekends out of the month on a climbing trip, and it was awesome. I hit Moab, Red Rocks, Squamish, Smith, City, Fins, Slick Rock, Maple, Little Cottonwood, etc...It was a lot. And then last fall I burned out and I haven't climbed in almost 6 months. This is the longest I've taken off of climbing since I started in 2011. Since then I've become slightly obsessed with skiing and last week I bought bike put almost 65 miles on it already 😅. But I've also taken time to reflect on how much my life has changed in the last few years. I've become less interested in some of the social norms and more aware of who I am and how my actions impact those around me... Maybe I've finally grown up a little! Ok fine probably not... However the main resurgence in my life has been my faith. I grew up in the church but I have ignored that part of my life for many years. For some reason though I just couldn't ignore it anymore, I needed God in my life. I felt restless, like something was missing. I thought it was my job or that I should move to a new area or that I needed to travel more. But when I got more involved in the church, namely @northendcollective , I realized that I just wasn't satisfied with my impact. I wanted to do more with my life. Climbing and athletics in general have been the focal point of my life for as long as I can remember and I am totally still obsessed with them but I also realize that I care more about having a real, lasting impact on those around me is something I care about even more. My faith is the driving force behind that, I don't know why or how but I feel that God is pushing me to be less selfish and become part of something greater than myself.
So, I am still going to get out and climb, ski, bike, you name it, as much as possible because I love it and I want to maximize the abilities that God has given me. It sounds funny because... (Continues in comments)

Just two old men riding their velocipedes.

Everyone needs a loyal hiking buddy 🐾

Oh, hey little buddy. #spring

Adore this child o’ mine to pieces! We’ve got such an amazing bond and we love doing everything and anything together. Never a dull moment with this bright and witty 10 year old. 💝👩‍👧
Enjoying a little softball! ⚾️ Nice win Boise Braves!! .
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Our city view from the Military Reserve when we walk Sophie at night🌜💫 Good thing she has a Blinky light on her collar $5 at Home Depot👌🏼#walkthedog #latenightwalks #labradorlife #zoomies #chocolatelab #happypaws #doggiedopaminehigh

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