Portland Variety


Morning downtown

Poaching peaches for the lamb feature tomorrow.

“you are what you settle for” - I read this quote today and it instantly resonated. elevate the standards in all realms of your life and the world will meet you there ✌🏽

Simple, fresh Summer eats. Join us on our sun-drenched patio for lunch from 11:30am weekdays + dinner from 5pm Monday - Saturday #wearePortland

Portland Variety
Gri bir şehir olarak betimleyebileceğim Toronto’nun kendisi kadar gri ama bir o kadar da ferah bir cafesi Portland Variety. Beni İspanyol esintili tabak ve kupalarıyla mest etti.
☕️ Kahvelerinin çok lezzetli olduğunu söyleyemem. Ancak salatası lezzetliydi. Salatalar 10-16 Kanada Doları arasında değişiyor.

Spent 20 minutes listening to my mummy reminiscing on how much fun she had when she was my age. She would go to the cinema for a last session, she would dance till 3AM and then get up for work at 6AM, she would spend weekends partying with her friends when they were living in the residence.
Cool cool.
I thought I’d do something radical today too!
But then 9PM struck in and I realized I’m too old for that sh*t.
The End.
P.S. Please scroll for an epic boomerang of Mademoiselle Angelina enjoying her Aperol Spritz🔥🍹Throwback to a wild after-work evening a month ago when we went for drinks at 7PM 😱 #TrueStory #TooRecklessForYou
P.P.S. I am going to an art party tomorrow night, does that count?

BRUNCH! that’s all I need to say ... #viewsfromthe6

One of my fave breaky’s here in Toronto. Mexican dishes all day long please 🙋🏼‍♀️👌🏻🤷🏼‍♀️ #portlandvariety #brunch #ellepearlstravels #tezzaapp #tezzapresets

Eating lean. I have a month of beaches coming up.

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