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To SK8 or not to SK8?
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Newest episode of @uninterrupted’s The Score is up. @megscoop @reallifekaz @tajrani and myself tackle everything from Beyoncé’s earth shattering Coachella performance to Kanye’s TED Talk Tweets and everything in between.
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@mbpadfieldofficial we are blessed to know this young gifted songwriter. #eastcoastcreatives living / creating in LA

“... I guess I like it fine, so far “ #LoveStreet - pic by @hojopodge

E assim foi nosso por do sol de ontem, amigos e @favela_camp reunidos na comemoração niver da @jurabecchi !

You know what’s sad, hearing all your new unreleased music just 2 weeks ago. Legends never die! Rest In Peace #Avicii

Behind the Album:
I (CTodd) particularly loved the "process" we developed along the way. We would start each day with only acoustic guitars and essentially chase the first inspiring little snippet someone came up with.  The amazing thing was that step really wouldn't take more than about 30 minutes to get something really good going. Every single song started that way.  Within an hour or so after that we would have a rough demo or "map" of a song recorded, including vocal melodies, and we were ready to break off into our teams to get the real production done.  Lawrence would work on building the foundation of the musical elements and Don and I would head to his office to start banging out lyrics.  We trusted each other to take care of their end and without fail we could come back together and be excited about the other sides work.
From there it was just some minor tweaking, and adding the final touches of over dubs to complete each song. •
Our album “The Queen and The Outcast” is out now!!! Link in bio.

And another one..

Oui Oui Baby
Image by @thevintagegiant

I get a lot of grief for not having dogs at Tianna Farms right now, but one benefit is these Canyon dwellers show up for a morning roam around!

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