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900 Wall


Celebrating this killer couple #EstesBurnsOneDown πŸŽ‰πŸ’βœ¨πŸ·πŸŒ²#BendOregon #OurBestFriendsWedding #YoDudeAndAllHisGarys @darienestes @alysunburns

Passed out at dinner.. I'd take a million more of these moments ❀️ #love #bendor

And we got our sexy niners!!!! @risamoramoreno

Denim date 🌚 #didntgotokendrick

When Tims away us girls will play! πŸ’•πŸ·πŸž.

When birthdays turn into album covers. HBD Alexa!

The winners of our Beating50percent giveaway made it all the way from Maui to Bend, OR. @jane_johnson and @josh_johnson πŸ’— It was an absolute honor to hear their story - both the trials and victories - and to see their marriage thriving, even in the face of extreme hardship. They are simply a blast to hangout with and left us feeling inspired to strive for more in our marriage, always more. We can't wait to share with you all the fun idea that the Johnson's came up with for our double-date night! You guys will love it. Check out their full story on our featured post about them (2 posts back) #stayingido #beating50percent #inbend #bendoregon

Come see us at #FirstFriday in @downtownbend tonight. Ask for a free decal and we'll give you a free decal (until we run out). #inbend #bendtrails #mtb #pnw

Dinner with my favorite kids. Don't tell the other two. #latergram #projectyestolife


I can’t get enough of him πŸ’™πŸ’™#babyLiam #farwellhappyhour

Finally got to celebrate the beautiful @mrsjenna_anderson for her birthday with happy hour and the girls. What a gem this girl is and deserving of all the parties always! Love you!!!!

Wanna hear the most depressing culinary experience of the year? We went out to celebrate @wanderwant 's birthday (hooray for babysitters!) by a scheduling conflict we ended up @900wall which was pretty spectacular. We went off vegetarian (well mostly just me) and got the duck confit. It was probably in my top five confit dishes I've had. (another was in Florida defying all conventional wisdom) it was so good I decided to not hork it all down, but instead to bring about half home and have it as a hangover buffer around 1am.

Up until this point everything had gone perfectly right? You're like, Pete the only depressing thing about this is that I wasn't there. And that's true. But alas dear readers the tale is not finished. After another stop for drinks and then home for last call, I finally go to the fridge. Visions of this tender little duck swimming in my belly.

Then without warning, tragedy! The first clue, an innocent but alarming inscription "sweet potatoes" the following smiley face seeming to morbidly forebode the heart break contained, or rather not contained within. A box of accouterments, sans the star player. My duck, oh my delicate tender little ducky. Forever lost, tossed aside. 😭😭😭 Presumably the staff thought that I loved the sweet potatoes enough to take them home, but I had not finished the duck because I hated it and therefore wanted it relegated to the trash.
So, if you are a #freegan living in bend, do make your way by the dumpsters at 900 wall st. And you may find yourself feasting on my lost confittery. .
Hey, I warned you this was a tragedy. Now let's go dry our tears on a cheeseburger and get back to the grind.

So happy to be celebrating three years together. #aniversary #tripleversary #datenight

Celebrating this killer couple #EstesBurnsOneDown πŸŽ‰πŸ’βœ¨πŸ·πŸŒ²#BendOregon #OurBestFriendsWedding #YoDudeAndAllHisGarys @darienestes @alysunburns

Come warm up with the Luchador 2.0!
Bonded bourbon, Mexican chocolate, ancho chilies, grand marnier, coffee

Wild chanterelles are in the house!

Loving the good eats in Bend! Heard the owner is a cyclist too! Thanks for the recommendation @elchristopherjones #refueling #ridehardeatwell #nomnomnom #tastyeats #bendoregon #bikelife #happyhour #happytummy

It’s boyfriend day. And this one is my jam. 10/10 would recommend

Friday's in Bend πŸ₯ƒ

Peel & eat shrimp with oystersπŸ‘Œ#shuck-yeah

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