Amazon HQ


I am officially a “Yellow Card” owner! Yes, I’ve worked in amazon for 5 YEARS!! Getting this yellow card is even more difficult than Green Card. It’s only 5 years but I feel like 10.

#amazonbadge #amazon #yellowbadge #workanniversary

Amazon HQ lads

They said to make a sexy face.

Most Regretted Goodwill purchase of 2018. Why did Will Smith sound so much better in my memories than on this CD? :p

Three years later and my Motherly Unit finally understands what I do 😅#SupplyingVariousChainsofMgmt #OrSomething #BrownParentsofSeattleHype

Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day! Having this girl with me at work is the best, except when she whines for attention and stalks anyone in the office with food 😍🍕🐶

Sky Monster

I would like to thank my family, friends and coworkers for getting me to this point. Winner of the 2018 Amazon Paper Airplane competition. #PlaneyMcPlaneFace #AmazonAir #Blessed

Happy Pride from James! ❤️🌈

When you show up for #takeyourdogtoworkday @amazon and you see the size of the box you have to deliver. #bepeculiar #bepawculiar #dogsofamazon #behindthesmile

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