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“The Northern Triangle” by Sandra C Fernandez. Another trip to Self Help Graphics and discussions with artists got me thinking about what I believe in and inspiring me to stand by my beliefs. ✨ #selfhelpgraphics #printmaking #art #latina #la #purojarcorr

Printed these posters today. Inspired by the @colbyposterprintingco . #abolishice #colbyposter

Today’s #print drop deals with our connection to the #ocean. • Corazón del Agua, Dalila Paola Mendez, 2018
• Breath of the Ocean, River T. Garza, 2018

Dalila Paola Mendez
Corazón del Agua, 2018
serigraph, Ed. 51
17-3/4 x 26" - image size
22 x 30" - paper size

Dalila’s print “Corazon del Agua” will be on showcase at SHG’s Annual Print Fair, which brings into full view her ideas of feminism, queerness, and mother nature.

Before the lotus flower takes its true form, it hides in the mud, waiting to bloom, a parallel to her queer identity; living in silence and fear for part of her life and then realizing the importance of queer visibility in art and media: “For me it’s like [on being queer] the beautiful flower, once we can share and be our queer selves we can share our true authentic self with the world and ourselves.” The lotus flower sits in front of the torso of a female figure, paying homage to her reverence to the women in her life that have made her who she is today. The female torso sits in the water; something needed to sustain life, just like all the parts of Mendez’ identity needed to keep living her truth.

River T. Garza
Breath of the Ocean, 2018
6 color serigraph, Ed. 58
21-3/4 x 16" - image size
26 x 20" - paper size

Breath of the Ocean is inspired by his Tongva heritage. He is a traditional paddler within the Tongva community and the piece reflects the Tongva maritime traditions. Tiát (canoe) Mo´Omat ‘Ahiko (Breath of the Ocean) is the focal point of the piece. This print also features Ti’at society community members. River wanted the print to reflect the distinct maritime culture through iconography and text.
Pick these up at the Annual Print Fair & Exhibition on Saturday, June 23 at 12pm or online at
#screenprinting #printmaking #silkscreen #latinx #fineart #tongva #yangna #yaanga #tiat #canoes #maritime

Yesterday’s #photography & #printmaking workshop on #halftones by @rageone - everyone created a #portrait and had a chance to leave with a few #prints - sign up to our newsletter to get first dibs on free workshops. #printmaking #screenprinting #silkscreen

Tuesday print drop!!! Pick these two prints up online or in person at the Annual Print Fair & Exhibition this Saturday at 12pm. • In Aunties We Trust by Kimberly Robertson, 2018
• Intrepido: USA in the Clear by Pepe Coronado, 2018

Pepe Coronado
Intrepido: USA in the Clear, 2018
6 color serigraph, Ed. 59
24 x 11-1/2" - image size
30 x 22" - paper size

Artist and printmaker Pepe Coronado, incorporated a fragmented map of the Island of the Dominican republic-Haiti and the USA with a photograph of the USS Intrepid in its present moment with symbolic gray tones to recall a historic moment.

Today the USS Intrepid sits in all its glory, newly refurbished, a museum anchored on the Hudson that thrills young and old with a privileged view of the innards of a once-powerful aircraft carrier. But for Pepe Coronado, who was born precisely in the year of the invasion, the US Intrepid is a reminder of a pivotal moment in Dominican history, an election usurped, a constitution subverted.

Kimberly Robertson
In Aunties We Trust, 2018
14 color serigraph, Ed. 41
20 x 13-1/4" - image size
26 x 20" - paper size "Some people measure their wealth in fast cars or fat wallets, in fancy dinners or fine jewelry. Where I came from, we measure our wealth in aunties. This print is dedicated to the auntie alliance--the posse of knowledge-- wielding warriors who love us into our best selves." - Kimberly Robertson

#printmaking #screenprinting #silkscreen #fineart #serigraphy #aunties #ribbonskirt #latinx #carribean #art #dominicanrepublic #militarization

@thecloversigns is finishing up her 12 color run print. Print production by @andixoch and @rageone
Check out the finished print at the Annual Print Fair & Exhibition this Saturday, June 23 at 12pm. #printmaking #screenprinting #silkscreen

Every day leading up to the Annual Print Fair & Exhibition we will release a few prints. Starting today you can collect: • LXS Guía by Cynthia Velasquez, 2018 • Miranda Rights by Malaquias Montoya, 2018

Cynthia Velasquez
LXS Guía, 2018
12 color serigraph, Ed. 58
18 x 26" - image size
22 x 30" - paper size

LXS Guía honors the direction of the buffalo, the elder, and our ancestors. This is a portrait of a womxn’s moment connecting with the spirit of the elder and pigeon.

Malaquias Montoya
Miranda Rights, 2018
6 color serigraph, Ed. 72
22-1/4 x 16" - image size
30 x 22" - paper size

Malaquias Montoya’s print Miranda Rights satirizes the first clause “You have the right to remain silent”. The abstract expressionist mark-making is layered to create a dynamic image rich in content and texture.

#printmaking #screenprinting #silkscreen #printing #chicano #latinx #art #fineart

We are so happy to have @electriccalavera here at SHG - join us this week for the FREE @speedball_art Printmaking Road Show this Thursday, June 21. Sign up at .
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TONIGHT a special Monday evening DIY #screenprinting #workshop with @deweytafoya at 7pm. Sign up on site ($30 fee all materials provided)

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