The Home Depot


Some pictures I took at Home Depot the other day ♥️ 🐝

I love Saturdays with my boys 💙 Today we did brunch, bought a plant, and visited Home Depot. Now they’re both napping while I’m sitting on the floor with two bags of cable management accessories trying to organize our 17 TV/internet cords 🤦🏻‍♀️ send prayers. #diy

🌸🌷💐🐼🌺🥀🌹 #FindThePanda🐼 📷: @kaycey_costin

My babies had so much fun at Home Depot kids work shop!!! Made Gingerbread Houses.... I love that they got to use hammers and nails, screwdrivers and screws, and then got to paint it!!! They got a certificate of completion, an apron, and a collectors pin!!!! Cant wait to do this more often with them!!!! #homedepot #kidsworkshop

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