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Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor


''Tis the season for knocking out big eagle chest pieces. One shot made tonight at the @royalpeacocktattooparlor . For appointment availability please call 9164481979 or DM me. #royalpeacocktattoo #sacramento #welcometothejungle #manmaker #whatido

This tattoo has a lot of deep meaning to me. The one on the right was done by @billloika in 05 to signify me going to barber school and committing to a life of being the captain of my own ship. (That used to be Jolly Roger on the top). The new tattoo was done by @jesseroyalpeacock as an acknowledgement to the close friends, immediate family and relationships I’ve lost on the journey. I’ve done my best I wish I could have been more for you. #redskyatmorning #anthonythebarber916

Owl tattoo Done @royalpeacocktattooparlor

for my granny🌞💜

now you HAVE to be my best friend forever #tatted ☀️🌙

Rose for my guys lady 🌹

Don't be a victim of the 90's. Tribal arm band removal service at the @royalpeacocktattooparlor noon to midnight 7 days a week. Made this one tonight. #royalpeacocktattoo #theoldstandardsupply #sacramento

Walk in. Thank you.


Owl tattoo Done @royalpeacocktattooparlor

Tattoo by @jimmyvalenzuela

Tattoo by @jesseroyalpeacock

Tattoo by @brandenmcafee

Tattoo by @mike_jupp_dukescc

Tattoos done by @freddycorbintattoos on his royal peacock visit

Tattoo by @brittyb916

Thank you Haa.

Thank you Alex as always!

Script and orchid 🙏🏼thank you!

Last one for the night. I still do the tribals and the books are always open. #streetshop #royalpeacocktattoo #sacramento #saclife #welcometothejungle

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