Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor


Henna style job stopper made today on my client 🙏🏼

Hey guys the Peacock boys are looking for some extra help in the shop. Dm myself if interested. This is a paid gig and absolutely not an apprenticeship. Must be into tattoo culture and a hard reliable worker. ✨Dreams do come true ✨

Rosa to cover up a good friends scar 🙏🏼 thank you @thisbarberswifehasitgoinon #sacramento #midtown

Abstract bear 🐻 I got to make for a client last night 🙏🏼 #sacramento #midtown

Covered up a nasty burn mark today with the help of my good friend @mike_jupp_dukescc No more will I get “O’ my God! What happened to your wrist?” You never disappoint Mike, thank you 🙏🏽 #singleneedle #tattoo #sactown #royalpeacocktattoo #burnscar

The constant guidance between a father and a son are the life lessons along the way of how to hold and present yourself as a man to the world around you and how to keep things clean, neat and organized! Hey kid you missed a spot “if your chrome and shining you ain’t styling” -Alan Hunt 1/14/58*6/18/18
#pops #cleanchrome #fatherhero #herosgetremembered

Another angle

Cool sleeve I’m working on!🙏🏼

Got to see this one all healed up.....2yrs old honesty did not think it would hold so well through all the knuckles 🤓

Suns out! 🌞💐

I like trees 🌲 🌳😎

Out with the old in with the new 🤗

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