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Hyperion Espresso


Best coffee shop in the 'Burg

A busy busy weekend has passed again, and the studio is becoming closer and closer to being finished. In between all the furniture moving and shopping, we met with @oakandale to talk vending! #oakandale flower crowns, knits and other accessories will now be available exclusively in the new studio to wear for your session! Not only that, but #hockensmithseniors who wear these items have option to buy with a special 15% off discount!! Check out her Etsy shop out and give her a follow ☕️

Healed, boat tattoo made 2016 at @goldenmonkeytattoo

a cappuccino with a couple of cute beans :)

Corner @ William and Princess Anne. 2.5hrs

If you need me, you can find me here for the next month 🙈📚 Neurology boards are right around the corner! -
💡Studying for a big test? Trying to learn something new? Our brain is only capable of remembering 3 new things at a time. Yup, just 3. But we can get around this to help make studying more efficient. Here are some tips, neuro approved, for remembering more from your study session:
☝🏼Try to connect new information with things you have learned before. How does this fact relate to something you already know? Does it remind you of something? ✌🏼Repetition is key! 🗝 Going back to information you've learned and reviewing is crucial to getting those facts into your long term memory.
👌🏼(there's no 3 emoji so work with me here) Try to teach the information you're learning to someone else or discuss it with a friend. This is a way for you to verbally express what you know and help build more of those connections in your brain -
Hope these little facts are useful and help get all those little bits of information into your brain for good 👊🏼Happy studying! 🤓

Joined this oldie for a cup of joe


The cutest !!

Cold winter days are best enjoyed with hot coffee and good friends.

One of my favorite things to do is have meetings in coffee shops I’ve never been to before! I usually will ask my couples to meet me at one of their favorite non-chain coffee shops, which usually end up in a super cute town with super delicious dirty chai’s 💕 .
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coffee feat. two happy kiddos

Hello Hyperion! Much needed warm up hot chocolate, right @mamrb16? 😱

Hot bean water (@kt_hogarth & @rebeccahogarth thanks again for showing us around your neck of the woods 💛💛)

At the coffee shop this morning, in her sized chair, with apple juice & a book about penguins - with Stefanie ❤️ @itslillybolero #sweetbabyscarlettrose #13monthsold #1yearold

Friday morning day off. Nice time to sit and read a book and write down affirmations for the #newyear while #sippin #coffee . The #rain has never been so necessary #hyperionexpresso

It’s the best of both worlds: coffee and art...like what could possibly make me happier?😂#hyperionespresso #smile #coffeeforme

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