Deep in the heart of Texas


Blue harness in the bluebonnets💙

Yes I’m a Texan, Yes I take Bluebonnet Pictures every spring...

My momma is turning 50!! I can not even. Look @ God

// This just about sums up spring break 😈

I like it here 👣 come to @thesidewindertx thu eve

On the way to the beach with these trouble makers!! 🌴🌴☀️☀️🌊😎😎🐶🐶
#Louis #Coco #springbreak #Texas #roadtrip

The stars at night were neither big, nor bright

“A storm will get you good. A storm is the very best remedy for the remaking of a foundation. And, like I wrote earlier, the choice gets placed in your small hands: run towards it and make it out quicker or run away and wait for the wait to grip you while the anxiety and fear take turns twisting your wrists.

You don’t get to control much in this lifetime but you do get to control when you run. How resilient you want to be. What you want to look like at the end. That’s what gets handed to you: the chance to run. So where are you going? Oh, where are you going?" @hannahbrencher

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