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“The last time I’d seen Stewart, we were on set shooting her collection. I was anxious, nervous even, to meet her. Meeting the winner of the UT fashion show is the equivalent of meeting an ex-Project Runway winner — to anyone who doesn’t give a shit about fashion, it’s probably like finding out the one “cool thing” that everyone tries (and fails) to humbly insert into a job interview. But to anyone who remotely understands the UT Textiles & Apparel program, meeting Lindsey Stewart is like meeting fucking Christian Siriano.”
Read the rest of our ❗️EXCLUSIVE❗️ feature story with Dimension winner Lindsay Stewart (@llstewartdesign) at the link in our bio.
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Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 4A Prose Interpretation State Champion

I cannot begin to describe the emotions I’m feeling after being blessed to have another state title under my belt! Everyone of these people in these photos have helped me along this long road full of twists and turns and I couldn’t have made it here without them! Congratulations also to our sporty State Champion @gio._.lua I wouldn’t have wanted to spend 2 hours going over 1 piece with Dr. Moore with anyone else! Thank you all for all the laughs and I hope we all can make it back here next year! LOVE YOU ALL #goatsforlife #uilstatechampionships

One more from Austin: These items were on display in the LBJ Library and when I saw them it was a total déjà vu. I remember these figures from the 1964 presidential race. I was nine years old at the time but I remember them vividly. Before they were a bobble heads, there were these.

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5th in state at Prose Speaking, 1st in state at Having Swag. #SwagIsStillAThingRight #TheLegacy

Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time.
-Lindon B. Johnson

Venus and Serena's outfits from 2008 Summer Olympics #austin #history #lbjlibrary #thoseladiescanplay #summerolympics2008

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