Denver, CO


nothing phiner than reaching our freezing points together 🕶 #aphilc17 #gαmeφn

Just woke up to 70k streams after one day of Shivers n Gold w/ @stelouse and it's fukin surreal. thank you so so much to anyone whos playin it. Gonna go eat some eggs🍾

I know I'm a handful, but that's what you have two hands for. @hubsandhers @island_time21 #milehighclub

If I bring the butt, you bring the blunt. Deal? @lastonesleftapparel 📸 @picassowitdashot

I can't believe it's time to leave 😢 Going back to Russia and then for a few competitions.. So happy that I've got some time for training between contests. 🙌Thank you, U.S. for amazing and unforgettable time. 💕
I'll miss this place, @kirkscamp crew and all guys I've met here!! 🙏🏽🏂Now heading to NY. Do you maybe guys know what to do there if I'll have 6 hours between flights? 🤓😜
О нееет, мне очень грустно, что пора уезжать! 😳Еду домой, в Россию, а за тем на несколько соревнований. Очень рада, что у меня было время между соревнований и я смогла покататься и потренироваться 🙏🏽🏂 Спасибо всем, кто сделал это время незабываемым! 💕🏂🙌Буду скучать, сильно-сильно 😢 а тем временем направляюсь в Нью-Йорк. Может кто знает, что можно успеть поделать там, если перерыв между перелетами всего 6 часов?)))

Atmosphere No. 64 (Convertible)
Oil on canvas by Ian Fisher @cloudoncloudlove 💕

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do!" 💯
Steve Jobs quoted this and it really resonated with me. Those people who are successful all have something in common: someone said that what they were trying to achieve was crazy! 😳
I want to achieve so much in my life. 🤔 I want to help change the way fitness is viewed by people of all backgrounds, I want to provide a source of quality information that is NOT convoluted with product promotions or information that is incorrect, I want to be that person to lead the new era of fitness. ☝🏼
Call me crazy, call me a dreamer, but just watch that motivate me even more. Dream big and don't settle. 👊🏽💪🏼

We've always been a fan of's 1967 Ducati 350 for obvious reasons. Stop by the @boxcar_gallery tonight to see it on display along with the 'Oil and Dirt' photo exhibit.
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Not exec but still pretty dope


Great times on the #Denver Brews Cruise (@dnvrbrewscruise)! Check out to plan your brewery tour.

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My new house denver colorado USA

Flying over Denver

Yep this happened, spring in CO. #afrdenver

My handsome snow pup doing what he does best... looking majestic as f*ck. #lookatthisbeautifulbastard #myboy #newfoundlanddog #Colorado

Currently occupying Europe. #snow day #risk #denver

At my cousin's swanky new house!

Nothing better than a 4 hour layover in Chicago to kick off a 2 day train ride! #Amtrak #Cloudgate #CaliforniaZephyr

Starting a new watercolor bird series. I'm excited to have a tentative show coming in July. Here's a Blue Heron in progress. #artbyserenalouise #watercolor #bird #daily #art #denver