York, Pennsylvania


Here we see a "black amethyst" furnace slag pendant with what appears to be lines in it. Thise lines, or "grain", were left from a piece of charcoal embeded in the slag during the smelting process c. 1820-1860. The tree the charcoal was made from most likely began its life between 1740-1770. To make charcoal, it would have been cut, dried, segmented, split into slats, piled, and carbonized to create the final product.

roads were driven, flights were flown, reunions were had, vows were made, drinks were poured. congrats Jim and Bethany!! #whohasitbetterthanus #familywedding

Box sets available for order! $25 each.

I had completely forgotten about the one time we all jumped in the freezing pool and did the slip n slide in 50 degree, rainy weather 😂

Street Team shoot 2 of 3 in the books. 🎉These five were such troopers despite the heat and humidity yesterday and we had a blast for our 70s shoot💥

Shout Out to @mkupthebeautystudio @landonwisephoto @redeuxvintage for making yesterday’s shoot a million times awesomer than I could’ve imagined for my girls 💚

Me my sister and my dad on my other sisters prom night.

Dog (noun.)
1. The best friend you will ever have. A loyal loving companion that cares for you more than himself. A special creature whose time in your heart will far outnumber its days on earth♥️ #mansbestfriend #doglove #dadsshadowtoday #americanpride #bowtiesfordogs #tbsearchsummer

Time (feat. @svdboysin) is out on all platforms ✨ link in description. Much love 💓

Washing the school bus so it’s clean for the kids. #ncburt #schoolbus #mondaymornings #wegetupearly #heis3


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