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Last October w/ @fizz_fingers in my happy place 🌱

‘Echo Waiting’, 1986
Jim Goldberg
The text reads: “Sometimes remembering ain’t no fun”.
Jim’s works from “Raised by Wolves” really blew me away as part of the ‘Another Kind of Life’ photography exhibition at the Barbican Centre, which focuses on the lives of outsiders.

확실히 사람이 안정된 생활을 해야 긍정적인 생각을 더 많이 하게 될 여유가 생기는 것 같다. 힘들고 복잡할 때 역시 긍정적으로 모든 걸 바라보고 감사하려고 ‘노력’ 하지만 실로 안정되고 행복할 때 만큼의 참된 긍정은 아닌 듯🧚🏻‍♀️ 바쁜게 다 지나가고 나면 책 좀 많이 읽어야지... 한 권 읽으면 8월이려나... 도와줘요 구글번역기➿


Another kind of love

Another kind of love

2/3 girls just saw the amazing and arresting performance "The Encounter" at the Barbican centre, which uses live binaural sound techniques to speak directly with the audience. That head 👤 is a microphone that picks up sounds as the performer walks around / behind, which is totally bizarre and very immersive. Next steps for Objects in Time?
#barbican #complicité #theatre #binaural #sounddesign

close up de mi orejita by @serrrrrrg

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