Yeah... I really wanted to watch it ... so this is the angle in which j watched it thanks #moviepass for the shitty seats... #crazyrichasians

#Repost @ltlosangeles ・・・ #TheWife star #AnnieStarke from her visit to #TheLandmark on August 17 for a Q&A! See the film today!
#LosAngeles #LA #IndieFilm #WestLosAngeles #WestLA

#TheWife star #AnnieStarke from her visit to #TheLandmark on August 17 for a Q&A! See the film today!
#LosAngeles #LA #IndieFilm #WestLosAngeles #WestLA

Woo, woo, woo, I’m a Crazy Rich Asian now. But actually, I’m moving to Singapore to live with the beautiful wealthy people. Forward my mail.

#laxdomo #cheerywonderment #domo #crazyrichasians #movies #representationmatters

$35 million opening to win the box office. Loving this alternate universe where a rom com set in Singapore written, directed, and starring Asian-Americans beats a nine-figure Megalodon movie and a Marky Mark CIA action flick. Thanks to @adeleblim, @jonmchu, and everyone who supported this movement. You made this an unforgettable weekend #goldopen #crazyrichasians

Watching #eighthgrade on the west side

Good film! In theatres rn.

“We The Animals” - amazing film screening and Q&A panel with Director @JeremiahZagar #insight regarding decisions to utilize the protagonist Johnas “artwork” animation as an illustrative narrative device in lieu of VO. “...the watcher that is active” Go See We the Animals! #wetheanimals #wetheanimalsfilm #journey #catharsis #sundance #winner #soundbite #technique #strategy #art #craft

Went to another screening of #wetheanimals #wetheanimalsfilm directed by @jeremiahzagar This movie is so powerful. It’s a much watch by a genius creative who is just now hitting his full stride. I recommend it.

Thank you @deadline for the wonderful screening of the documentary film #Jane written & directed by Brett Morgan. Deeply moving and I highly recommend viewing it. Moderated by Dominic Patton.
Jane is a 2017 American biographical documentary film directed and written by Brett Morgen about primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist Jane Goodall. Read More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_(2017_film)
#JANE became the First documentary to win the PGA, WGA, A.C.E, CAS, and MPSE in the same year. #JANE is now EMMY nominated in each category.
#janegoodhall #janedocumentary #brettmorgan #deadline

I ordered a hotdog the other day and this is what I got. Really, two b×××

I lived in Singapore once so this movie is basically my life tbh .
#representationmatters #diversityinfilm #singapore #crazyrichasians #sogood #openingweekend #moviepass

Ahhhhh! So happy to have finally seen #CrazyRichAsians! The whole theater was celebrating the onslaught of Asian talent, especially the amazing writer @adeleblim who wrote the screenplay for this momentous movie. It’s crushing box offices this weekend. It is the #1 movie in America right now. This is the biggest movie in Hollywood featuring a full Asian cast since Joy Luck Club, and that was 25 years ago, folks. So much good energy and momentum around this film - the excitement is tangible and inspiring. 😜🙌💕🙌😍 - also group shoe game hella strong.

Because in LA, an #emersonmafia #reunion can happen anytime, anywhere. ESPECIALLY if the “anytime” refers to a time when there is a film screening, and the “anywhere” is at a movie theatre. Love these humans.

The CAPE New Writers Fellowship family celebrating CRAZY RICH ASIANS with screenwriter and CNWF mentor/speaker Adele Lim last night. Congrats, Adele!!! 🙌🏾💯

Scored the last ticket for a sold-out screening (and bonus Q&A w/ director Jeremiah Zagar of @wetheanimalsfilm. Stunning, artful adaption of Justin Torres’s titular novel. Strong acting across the board, even/especially by the child “non-actors.” (Damn @officialraulcastillo’s raspy voice continues to melt my permafrost.) The photography itself is a bold, important character from beginning to end. The film is shot on 16mm and DP Zak Mulligan @zakmulligan is a master at capturing lush, candid-feeling frames, one Robert Frank-y tableau after the next. In Los Angeles, it’s only playing at The Landmark in the creepy, George Romero-perfect Westside Pavilion. Nice to see not one but two bouquets of flesh flowers (I double checked) in the men’s room. #classy @landmarktheatres #wetheanimals #16mm

Congrats to @jeremiahzagar for his beautiful film @wetheanimalsfilm which opened this weekend. NYC & LA, go see it! #emersonmafia #sundancelabs #collegereunion

2 years ago I was co-writing a tv script with @adeleblim and at the same time she was writing a little side project movie night and weekends...that just opened this weekend to $34 million! Adele is such a talented bad ass. If you haven't seen #crazyrichasians go now, and see what a superhero this woman is.

Hello. This is @adeleblim. She wrote the screenplay for the #1 movie in America at the moment. Thank you for bringing this masterpiece to life and for having us at your screening yesterday. What an epic ending to an incredible $34 million+ opening weekend (it was originally expected to make $25 mill). ❤️🙏🏼#CrazyRichAsians #GoldOpen

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