Reviewing some recent local awards for #Tritons:
▶️ Zander Clarke, one of 12 #UCSanDiego Athletes of the Year
▶️ Eric Newman, first-time recipient of department’s Excellence in Coaching Award
▶️ Zander Clarke, @sdhallofchampions ⭐️ of the Month for May (7 HR, 31 RBI in 15 GP)
#GoTritons 👏🔱⚾️ #CCAAbsb @ccaad2

Reviewing some postseason honors for 🔱🏐 captain @tannersyftestad:
▶️ @avcavolleyball All-America honorable mention (first in program history)
▶️ @offtheblock11 #NCAAD2 National Player of the Year (second straight year)
▶️ @volleymob All-America Third Team
▶️ @vbmagazine All-America honorable mention (second straight year)
▶️ #UCSanDiego Athlete of the Year (second straight year 📷)
#GoTritons 👏 #Tritons #BWCMVB #PlayBig #NCAAMVB @bigwestconference

Finally have the courage to post my grad pics..... meaning coming to terms with adulthood as I bid goodbye to my college dayzzz. I’m never good with change but as the saying goes “change is inevitable, growth is optional.” So here’s an appreciation post to my family who have been supporting me unconditionally throughout this journey; to my friends who have made UCSD an unforgettable chapter of my life; to my other friends who have made college so fckn goddamn hard to leave :(; and more crucially, to graduating Class of 2018 who have persevered, disciplined, and sacrificed many of our personal ‘desires’ to make it this far today :’) we are officially professional badasses (*with a degree) hehe. What’s next guys?! 🌝🙀😼🤔🙃🍾 #HATSOFF👩🏻‍🎓 #ILOVEYOU😭 #youknowwhoyouare #honorsandhonored 💜

Who says you can’t be in three places at once.... #throwback to @ucsdmusic telematics concert, with University of California musicians performing together in San Diego, New York and South Korea — live. #howdidthathappen #music #concert #telematics #magic #campus #campuslife

Sometimes your lunch meeting to discuss the intersection of STEM education and science-informed public policy cancels last minute and you end up having an important meeting with a fish burrito under a eucalyptus tree instead. #sandiego

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss #ucsdgrad .
📷 @_jesswins

These graduation pictures are for those who helped on my path to success. All of my closest friends, family, mentors, and people who pushed me when I needed it are the ones who love to see me strive and succeed. It’s only due to you guys and my hard work mentality of never giving up, that I have been able to accomplish this life goal. Thank you to all of you and the institutions that have shaped my life for the better. Time to put things into gear and put the knowledge I’ve attained to good use! Many great things are coming along this new path 😊🎓🎊🔱 #ucsd #ucsdgraduation #ucsd2018 #tritons #usmc #marines #wemadeit

Waiting for ceremony💐

Woke up at 6 am to make it to my sister’s graduation at UCLA then drove in traffic for 4 hours, almost missing my own graduation, but we did it. We’re done. Kwak sissies are done with undergrad and I couldn’t have done it without the continual love and support from all my friends and family💕

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