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When I was 5 or 6 years old I told myself: "ok you're special, but I treat you as my equal, never lesser"
When I was 26 years old I became a doctor
And I have just turned 27
Now that's what I call epic
#DRAM #itsbeenagoodyear #ontothenextone #englandhereicome #trapeze #birthdaygirl👸

Hot wheels? Big deals! Swing by and check out our new ride and our expansive craft beer selection. Happy Athfest!

Happy @athfestmusic Friday! MAC-N-CHEESE RIB: Red wine braised short ribs, chopped & piled on bun topped w/ @highlandbrewing Pilsner Mac n cheese!

I'd swing from the trapeze for this sandwich #chickenbaconranch #belgianfries #rasperryketchup #garlicaoili #delish

Special tonight: Chicken breast cooked in lemon, garlic, & herbs on a bed of sauteed greens, peppers, & black beans w/ lemon hummus & grilled Luna pita! 📸 w/ @sobrewco Broad St. Pale #healthytrapp #lemonchicken #chickenandbeer #trappezepub

let me tell ya

Like lemon pepper wings? Try our special lemon pepper hummus tonight! 📸 w/ the delicious @goodwordbrewing Man in Motion Table beer! #cheers #hummus #lemonpepper #craftbeer

Greek pita 🌮! Greek lemon chicken, @creaturecomfortsbeer Tritonia Greek vinaigrette, red peppers, pepproncini, black olives, feta & hummus in a deep fried pita shell! 📸 w/ @reformationbrewery Alani Rosé inspired ale #tacotuesday #mybigfatgreektaco #trappezepub

Cue a love song dedicated to my sours this summer 🍻

Bring Dad in tonight for BeerBQ & grab this Pork rib sandwich w/ house made bbq sauce & apple-carrot slaw + a pint of @uintabrewing mango lime Pilsner for $6! #fathersday #sundaynight #beerbq

Happy Father’s Day to all our great dads out there! Steak & egg burrito filled w/ scrambled eggs, steak, sautéed red peppers, onions, & white American cheese! 🍻🥂at 12:30. #brunch #burrito #fathersday #sundayfunday

Cuban rib sandwich tonight! Cider braised 1/2 rack of ribs deboned & topped w/ pickle spears, swiss & @goodwordbrewing Oyster Hot Tub spicy mustard on a Luna torta! 📸 w/ @creaturecomfortsbeer Calculating Infinity! #ribsandwich #ribs #belgianfries #craftbeer #trappezepub

Thankful for a mom that also thinks fries can be breakfast

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