Allen, Texas


You first

Couldn't ask for a better year.
I love my choir fam, best and last show of the Year. Taking one for the team ♡

I know it’s late but 🤮

few can rock black on black @calebdoyle20

“friends are like memories...when you get the chance to make a good never forget it!” thank you to everyone who made my 17th birthday amazing, it really means a lot!! goodbye 16...
hello 17!!🎉🎉

The back of what my hair looked like for the dance I was going to was the first picture! 😘😊😄💛 #exhausted #dance #wildpartyanimal #sorrynotsorry

Celebrating @kentara_40 40th birthday!!!
Happy birthday fam it’s been 25 years of pure friendship!!!

Can’t wait for 8th grade 💍💍 #cheer #8thgrade #2k18

i did something! featuring my former-boss-now-friend Zach, who is coaching me to be brave hahahahah

The 2nd grade Hot Shots did it again. They worked hard this spring playing against these 3rd grade teams. They came in 2nd place this season. They made the 3rd graders work for 1st place. The final score was 13 to 16. Way to go Hot Shots!!

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