Training plan - check, notebook - check, skin on hands - MISSING 😢👐

Mantel breakthrough #thisgirlcan

We’ve had that cheerful chappy that is Mr @blocfit Dave setting lotsa new lead routes today on Jacks Crag Wall. More routes coming tomozza from @jaylewinclimb #routesetting #thereachclimbingwall #indoorclimbing #leadclimbing #londonclimbing #climbing #weclimbuk

Tried something new this evening - a spot of climbing and bouldering!

Was great fun except I realised I have a terrifying fear of the letting go bit to get back down to the ground again. I’m sure with some practice I’d get better at it though.

Great evening!

#climbing #somethingnew #exciting #bouldering #fun @jogambell @singingintherain22

@t_hudson and I will be doing a little setting tour this week. First stop: @reachclimbing2010 Watch this space for more if you want to find out about a little contst we will run!
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Rock climbing with the bestie #peppaandbenelfrescue #sundayfunday

Back at it again 🙌🏼💪🏼 #fitness #climbing #bouldering #instafit #sundayworkout

Regram from @persianpursuits: three very tired ladies performing sets of moves and limited rest as part of our strength endurance training. 180 moves per set, three sets to complete the exercise. On top of this I'm suffering from: 1. DOMS from the pull up test our coach @candcstu had us perform the other day, 2. the Friday night beers which were still haunting me. I am not made to drink, or do pull ups.
#climbing #hungover

The start of strength endurance training. Here we are with @annaferlayoga and @gemmaclimbsstuff doing our homework set by our awesome coach @candcstu at @reachclimbing2010

Thats my ' I tried hard' face, having done 3 sets of 180 moves on a 6a+ - two grades below my regular onsight grade (ROG). 20 moves 20 secs rest, 10 moves 10 secs rest until you hit 180 and on and on. 20 moves being more or less the top, that counts as 6 times top of the route and 6 times halfway. Then a 4 mins rest before the next set. Sadly the wall closed and we couldn't do our other exercise. So psyched. cannot wait until next training session. #climbing_is_my_passion #thisgirlcan @weclimbuk #training #strengthendurance #coaching #indoorclimbing #trainhardplayhard #weclimb

And a day out with the Adams 👫👭

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