San Marcos, California


Just hanging out by an orange tree in sunny California #orange #tragickingdom #california

Behold! An orange 🍊

Lunar tide clock is done... Mostly—few more coats of finish wouldn't hurt! Hopefully the judges won't be too harsh on it! Complements the electric violin I made for @racheljulia last year! #woodworking #finewoodworking #tideclock

Well where’s the chop

Just sayin’... Have a great Thursday!

Miss me with your bullshit

People can easily assume that Cristiano only drinks Herbalife because he’s sponsored but Cristiano was ALREADY taking Herbalife for years before he partnered up with Herbalife. 🏆
Herbalife is very particular about who they partner up with & they refuse to sponsor athletes that don’t truly take the products! It’s not just about wearing the brand, it’s about the passion you carry for it!
Only the BEST 💚
#Repost @cristiano
Happy to announce a 3-year extension to my relationship with @herbalife Nutrition. Proud to call them my partner in performance #HerbalifeNutrition

Throwback Thursday feelings!! 🎉💥 #CSUSMVB 🐾#CougarFansAreTheBestFans

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