Fenwick Island, Delaware


One time in Colorado, it was in a parking lot at a film festival. I met a man, he had no name and said only one thing. He said this, and only this. No like really, this is all that he said to anything. “Huh.”
Or “HUuuuhh.” “Huh!” “Huh?” “Uh Huh, uh huh.” “Huah”
Upon realizing his limited vocabulary, it then happened. It occurred to me that I must realize real lies with real Eyes. 🧠 🤥 👀 “I understand you.” I left him, I had to do it. There was only one option in this scenario. I didn’t even say bye, I just turned around left. “.......Huh....”
#thehuhguy @climb_something_

Sand. Everywhere. #finnickisaac

Fun day with friends!!

beach days pt2🌊☀️

sweet summertime

Fun with RotoToms 101. Full summer schedule @ joemamadrums.com

thanks @lillysouthcott & @ecataldi_9 for being my photographers

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