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Tonight I was able to attend the Thursday night institute. It’s so amazing how the Lord can prompt us to do something that can help us or someone else; tonight was one of those nights for me. The topic was Agency. And someone in the class brought up “how can we know right from wrong if you aren’t given the opportunity? How can we know happiness and joy without suffering and sorrow?... we can’t though life can be hard when there is sorrow we don’t have the ability to know one without the other” And this for me made me remember that sometimes life is hard and sometimes we have sorrow and challenges that can be hard, but in the end we come out stronger, happier and smarter... we are able to thank God for the life we have and in some instances we can help others understand/get through there struggles.

Family makes my heart happy

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When your friends find out you didn’t get your ticket to @gluefest... 😂😂😂 it’s not too late. Link in bio. #GLUEMVMT #GLUEFEST #musicfestival #music #lehi #ut#slc #utah #siliconslopes

Why do I love Teresa Harding? 💓 Let me count the ways. 1. She is the only person I know who can walk in stiletto heels everyday all day. 2. She's also the only person I know who can be a total corporate success yet beg to stop at Dairy Queen on the way in so she can have her daily ice cream. 3. She has more passion for life than nearly anyone I know. Today I couldn't help but giggle watching her run through all of the trees and weeds in her dressy jumpsuit, wearing my hand me down 4 year old flip-flops (as to not break an ankle wearing her stilettos) and wearing our cute friend Bobby's jacket. She's adorable. As my mom would say, she's a keeper. 😘 PS Teresa our selfie didn't work I'll have to see you again. Darn it. 😂 #icecreamaddict #shesakeeper #humble


Baby announcement pictures are always so fun 💕 congrats to this cute family!!

Hi there!! It’s been awhile since we’ve introduced ourselves. 👋 I’m Lindsay-the one on the right. I like to laugh, tell dumb jokes, and I play volleyball. Orem City champs circa 2008. Boom. I have 4 crazy busy kids and a crazy husband. I mean busy. 👆🏼 the one in the middle is Alyson. She’s the sweetest, most patient person, plus she laughs at my jokes. She’s the glue of this operation. She has 4 fun kiddos and a hilarious husband. 💃🏼 You might recognize the lovely model on the left. That’s Amanda. She got this whole crazy thing going, which was supposed to be a hobby, but has now turned to a mostly full time gig! 😆 She has the funnest relationship with her 5 kiddos, and her and her husband (Brandon-who is also a partner and great videographer 😉) have amazing voices and belt out 80’s ballads like nobody’s biz-nass. 🌈
We love our job! It makes us beyond happy when we hear from our customers that they feel cute, confident, happy, beautiful, etc in our clothes. 🙏🏼 Our hope for the future is that we can continue to grow this business and provide women of all sizes with comfortable and pretty pieces of clothing. And if you happen to laugh with us along the way, then all the better! •
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