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Another fun one from today .. #secretsidewalktattoo

Thanks for trusting me with your first tattoo bro. Had fun with it ! @tji__

The last pic, cuz let's face it, I look bomb in it!! 🤷🏾‍♂️

Fun walk in from last week .

Little rosey rose from a few weeks back ..

Keeping it classic .
I have some time this week, come on in and get tattooed !

I’ve got some time next week, come by and let’s do some work !

#rosetattoo and #jesustattoo in progress.. follow @secretsidewalktattoos @secretsidewalktattoos for more work from the crew and I. Or call #2098799411 for inquiries. Also follow @crylatersocialclub @crylatersocialclub for some of the cleanest cars and chilly chill events in The Valley and The Bay 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #gracias

Did a video shoot for the guys at @secretsidewalktattoos today. Thx for the opportunity @eddyreyesjr. Got a sick photo of a piece done by @marcos_adame. Some light editing using #AffinityPhoto.

Contact me for business inquires
#Photography #Videography #Video #Advertising #Nikon #DSLR #Tattoo

Cool moment tattooing my big cousin this weekend .. @jimmie.kingz

numero tres y cuatro

Few more pics from the great time we had in @tjtattooexpo! Special thanks to @eric_perfect and @doktorlakra for the energy and tattoos 🙏🏽 Be sure to pick up #SOLOMANOS book by my friend and one of my favorite tattoo artists @don_nervio_r_p!!! #gracias @secretsidewalktattoos @secretsidewalktattoos @crylatersocialclub @crylatersocialclub

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