Poiana Tapului, Brasov, Romania


We travel not to escape life, but for live to not escape us.

Guess who's back?
Porumbița! 🕊
The little white chick 🐓
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💕Te iubesc enorm interesul meu!😚💖💕

Poiana squad #amascultatocs

“din gara-n gara, ca-i mare, munte”

#family #love #hope For all of you out there who have a dear one suffering from Altzheimer: One month ago my father was a complete ruin, sleeping 18 hours per day, almost incapable of moving, feeding himself or saying any word. This came after one year in which he was kept in a senior care facility together with my mother, in which he became increasingly confused and violent and his medication went up until he became a vegetable. What you see in these pictures is the effect of cutting down his medication and keeping him a month in a house in Poiana Tapului, Busteni. He still does not know who we are but he is in a good mood, he became to speak, he began to feed himself and to participate at the house chores. And this morning he went to my sleeping mother and covered her with a blanket. Which he has never done for the past 10 years. I don’t know how much this good moment will last, but it surely seems that the best cure for Altzheimer is love, chill and fresh air.

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