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Rexburg, Idaho


My boy lollipop

tossin it back to my high school days with this gem of a song 💃🏼

this amount of sauce should be illegal

Tonight my best friend said yes #loml #engaged💍

Well. It’s official! We’re going to be PARENTS! Baby Fredrickson is due October 1st and we couldn’t be more thrilled or excited! Sorry for the constant disappearing acts over here! But I’m still working all through the summer so I can fully enjoy the fall and winter with my little babe 👶🏻 thanks for all the love and support! 💕 #babyfredrickson 📸: @kateolsonphoto

#throwbackthursday To that one time I squatted you while you dabbed.... so you had to squat me while I flexed to one me up 😂🙌🏼
Lucky enough to be celebrating you today! Happy bday hubs @cameronolsen
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Photo by 📸: @steven_shearer1993

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Rexy is lookin sexy🖤🖤🖤

Hello Babe ... 💋
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happy anniversary to me. five years ago today, i was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Saints. Jesus is the Christ, my Savior; limitless is my gratitude for the knowledge that He lives and loves me❦


I’m not betting on a miracle to give me p e a c e ; I’m not asking for a miracle, just you & me *
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This just in. The rexburg maniac has been taken into custody, he’s being charged with multiple accounts of indecent exposure, property damage to lawn ornaments, and disturbing the peace by singing “Why should I worry,” by Billy Joel. The city is now safe, once and for all.

Mar. 23rd 2018: You know, today was really good. It was also full of emotions. Something I am realizing with all these emotions I have been feeling is that the more you love, the more you hurt. Which this may be normal to most, but this was a discovery for me. I also have always said I don’t want other people’s emotions dictating mine but I am getting to the point in life where I will not allow it and am actually putting it in to practice. Learning rocks. Today I gave two presentations that I wasn’t prepared for at all. But I feel they went alright! In between my classes I got to know a friend better. He told me about his conversion story and a bit of background on his life. It was a very uplifting and inspiring conversation, I look forward to more. I got out of class early so I asked my roommate if she wanted to have lunch with me. It was nice to be there with her, but I think we both felt kinda funky and that is alright. I then went to work and a TA meeting which were both really good. The rest of the day was pretty spontaneous. I came home, switched clothes and took a nap.. then woke up to being invited to eat costa vida. After that we stopped at sodavine, drove around Rexburg and Sugar City, and then went to a spontaneous movie. I enjoyed the freedom of not having plans but making them as we went. I reconnected with some people and got to know new people. I also won four pixie sticks. PS I would suggest seeing Love, Simon to anyone. There is just so many different realms of love within it that the world needs more of, go see it or invite me to come with you and cry about it. Today had plenty of fun weaves through out it. But even among these fun things there were little frustrations and bits of conflict. But that is okay, and what makes life an ever changing experience.
1. Telling first kiss stories
2. Seeing Braydn
3. Feeling valuable as a TA
4. Making a new friend in Nate
5. Eating Chick-fil-A with Liv
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Got to dress up in this dress again after 2 years of marriage. Follow @deannapaigephoto ! #picture #bridal #photography #deannapaigephoto #modeling #weddingdress

Chick out my new friend 🐥

The edit has been brutal for this project. There’s a strange sense of being able to tell how close a video is to being ready. The hardest part is the end, when some edits don’t feel right but you’re not sure why. When you find them though, it makes for a tasty cut. .
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A HUGE congratulations to my beautiful wife for winning the BYUI Basketball Championship!!! I am forever her #1 fan! So happy that I had the opportunity to help coach her and the other awesome girls on our team! #ballislife #andsoismywife

"I look like the hulk had the Michael Jackson disease" ~Cory

Who loves the spring time?? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

Shooting a music video with the help of some good friends. Excited to share it with you in the very near future. •

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We did this 18month ago, here we are again guess who is here @Nwachuwuku

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