San Pedro, Belize


I’m so blessed to be able to celebrate another year of your life next to you baby. Thanks for being my partner in crime, my every day adventure, my advisor, my best friend and my love. Happy Birthday mi amor!!!

Closer than anyone ever needs to be to a 🐊!!! You can find this right in your backyard in 🇧🇿❤️!

Por la Segunda Barrera de Coral más Extensa del 🌍
#Coral #BarreraDeCoral #Belize #Mar #Centroamerica #Oceano #Snorkeling #GoPro #Travel #Traveler #Wanderlust

Day 1 to an unBELIZEable trip🏝⛱

Sorry not sorry more wedding fotos.
Here's some BTS footage ft lighter fluid, shirt cleaning / bowtie straightening coupled with general onlooking and bewilderment.

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