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Art installation,” I’m not done yet ”

TGIF !!! great fun at #theartground

Funtime with the Cast
#MakeUpByRDK for @TeaterKami
March 2018

One with @WanHaddad

Character #MakeUpByRDK
For A M A L I A by @TeaterKami


By @TeaterKami
March 2018

I was fortunate enough to meet the next designer of @theartground space- I wasn’t, however, fortunate enough to catch her IG details. 😫

Nevertheless I’m in love with this outfit.

In my opinion, she is doing everything right. Mixing bold patterns with neutral textures and adding a pop of color and personality with that Frida Kahlo bag. She gets the “Daaaamn Gina” award!
#stylecrush #outfitinspo #styleinspo #style #fridakahlo

Mother’s Day in Singapore is celebrated in mid May so we thought why not do something special for the mums on the 12th, or even better, make something special like lip balm for the mum (hey, balm and mum - that rhymes when you said it out loud!) together with #cultivatecentral @theartground . More info and registration on or on bio ☝🏽

Greetings from the Singapoor Maapilai team! Catch our first showing tomorrow at 8pm.

“Too... hot... Am... melting... Send... help...” #catsofgoodman #elizabeth #calicocat #hotweathersucks

Former La Salle

“My clay on the wheel go round and round” 😂
First wheel throwing class with @funcatpix & @iam_patricia so much fun! 😘😘
P.s.: the shape of the vase was done by the trainer 😝

Urban gardeners, present! Beautiful installation change over at @theartground. Make sure you come to visit their new installation. Mural by @cherlynmark. Thanks for coming to volunteer today, ladies! #CultivateCentral #GrowatTheGoodGarden #GoodmanArtsCentre

Painting, greenery and birds chirping. I was in my element. *
The last time I painted a wall mural was probably 2-3 years ago. It was a red and white Singa mural for H’s primary school to celebrate SG50. Last Saturday, C and I volunteered ourselves for a few hours to help with these wall murals. Painting has always been a form of therapy and escape for me, one that I sought refuge in during the darkest hours of my life. I love losing track of time and stepping into a zone where it’s just me and my painting. I need to pick up the paintbrush again. Thank you @cherlynmark for the opportunity. I didn’t want to leave but I had to. #art #wallmural #therapy #escape #painting #ineedtodothisagain #100and100more

Growing food in small urban spaces. Transforming the dormant into an active and abundant space with @cultivate_c. This is a movement practice, too. 🌱

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