Chichester Cathedral


“Be an opener of doors” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

People stood and photographed the cathedral....I found this to hold so much more beauty ☺️ #earth #beauty #earthporn #tree #treelove #earth #earthy #planetearth #respect #Chichester #chichestercathedral

nice place to play right? And I almost did. Sax broke mid rehearsal (one spring broke in half) and only sounds I could make resambled a lost moose. Surprisingly amazing team at Chichester cathedral managed to find a replacement soprano in 20minutes! But once i took it out and played a note there was a lost moose again. That new horn had one key bent of place and did not work!!! How unlucky can you get??
Chichester, I will be back.

meanwhile, any suggestions where I can have that damn spring replaced?

#saxophone #concert #concertfail

At 2.30pm we will join with the people of #Manchester in a minute’s silence to remember the victims of the #ManchesterArena attack a year ago today, and we pray for all those attending today’s service @ManCathedral

playing at Chichester Cathedral today with Imma. I almost missed my train today because of stupidly overcrowded tube and had to sprint through Victoria to be on time. I was very happy with the decision to play whole concert on soprano sax :D
We will play J.Carmichael, Ravel, D.Salerras, Villa-Lobos and @andyscottmuso
#saxophone #concert #chichestercathedral #duofantasia #

Chichester🇬🇧 #england

💕 a bit more time can be everything💕

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