Best way to spend a Sunday! Helping all these beautiful #dogs find forever homes with @bichonrescueoc #adoptdontshop #rescue #ilovedogs

A picture fail but a fun moment captured. #daddyandhisgirls🎀🎀 #struggleisreal #studiookc

Spectrum lights

Want to know how to stand out from the crowd? Let’s be honest, there’s so many people that do exactly what you do.
. .but guess what, your story makes you different. Your career may not be unique, but your story is. I’m not the only dentist on the planet, there are so many of us! (raise your hand if you used to worry about this, because I sure did!) But, by getting clear on my story I was able to show what made me different in the sea of so many other dentists. No matter how many similarities you have in your career with other healthcare professionals, if you can get clear on your story then you will never have to worry about blending in with anyone else. This is key for your social media marketing strategy.

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