Buffalo, New York


Thanks nannauddafool@gmail.com

Two of our guys (Silas and Ben) hard at work during our Service Day at Grace Community Church. All that effort, only to have it start raining seconds after it's up. 😂 #houghtontiua #houghtoncollege


Taylor and I found this old box in the basement of our first apartment together... can’t seem to part with it, so instead we plant in it 🌿🌱

So I suck on social media these days and I suck worse on weekends when I’m in wedding mode! Happy Belated to this beautiful friend of mine!
@scotty_ludwick I hope your day was as amazing and unique as you are! I am grateful for your friendship! I miss you, I love you and I appreciate you so much!! Send the jet, I’m waiting in the driveway 😘
#happybirthday #foreverfriends #loveinanelevator #metontour #oldschoolfriends #poisontour2000 #chicago #ilovehiswifejustasmuch #somefriendslivetoofaraway #lagunstour #bandmanager


Porch love. #buffalove

My girls just missing a few but thank you so much for making my graduation weekend complete ❤️ ps if you only knew the work that went into to even getting a good picture after brunch 😂

My half eating burger😋

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