Château de Versailles


Versailles 👑 🙌🏼 Traveller Tip: Don’t let this picture fool you! It was a scorching hot day with a line up that curved 4 times to get in at around 11 am. It was almost a 2 hour wait under the sun! All the tour buses come in the morning! We left after seeing the line up and came back around 4 pm! There was no line up, we were able to see everything and this was Versailles a few minutes before closing time at 6 pm! 👌🏻 No people, no fuss, just us! Thanks to @keishamgo for the shot! #paris #france #travel #idontlikelineups #traveltips #vacation #instagram #instagood #asian #vscocam #photography

Après des semaines d'incertitude, le soleil me trace des nouvelles routes et je peux dire finalement : « Ce n'est qu'une question de temps ». #tb #paris #newdaysaredawning ☀🌈

a gente existe pra ser feliz 💛 (📸: @luizatuzzi)

Le palais du Soleil

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