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The most pure thing in my life that literally will never ever be taken away from me. Lillah reminds me always to be a better me

Here are all the new August classes, including a new ISTD series of classes scheduled followed by a Medal Exam in the Fall! Lots of fun stuff! Call 585-503-7087 with any questions. www.taketheleadballroom.com

Hi! Im new here. My name is Jacqueline and by new I mean, new to the area, new to owning a home, and a new mommy!! Also new to this lifestyle blogging thing. Let’s be real people I’m NO blogger. I’m going to be taking pics with my iPhone and living my best life with horribly unedited photos lol.. come say hi and drop a comment below. I can’t wait to meet everyone. 🤦🏼‍♀️✌🏽🤷🏼‍♀️ #raleigh #lifestyleblogger #mommyblogger #newmom #newblogger #carync #lifestyle #newbloggersintown

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25 rotations around the sun. Call it a quarter life crisis or whatever, but lately I’m done playing small. I’m beginning to realize how much humans value raw, stripped honesty the way I do. And I’m beginning to write off anything that is less than incredible.
Maybe that means I’m missing some stuff. Maybe it means I’m prioritizing the wrong things. But mostly I think, my life has become about giving. I’m only sending energy where it should go. I’m letting go of things that no longer serve me- and opening myself up to things that scare the sh*% out of me and thrill me with no end.
Because what else are we here for? Except to leap with no surety of foundation when we land. To love and to give without end. Because this, combined with intention and passion, gives us the meaning of life. Here’s to figuring out the next 25 years, it’s gonna be quite the journey ♥️
Thank you to all who have been here for this. Today was a blessing. I was blessed from 12:04am on with nonstop messages of love and care.
All of you who have touched my life in the last two years- you know not the impact that you have made. Thank you, thank you, thank you all. I am loved. I have invested time, love, and energy. And you all. You make me overdose on love daily.

Getting ready for New Jersey

North Hills Beach Music Night and yummy "Bartaco" Mexican.
Great night out with friends! 😎

Best picture you will ever see. Go vote for them for the Vma's !!!!

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