The art of taking a selfie
Is a powerful one
Every snapshot is a tiny uprising
Leading to a bigger revolution
Of self love
Finding my voice
My grace
My sensuality
My God
I'm a work of art
#soulpick #selflove #affirmations #creative #nude #blackgirlmagic #selfie #artist

Quad biking in marrakech


the "decorated shed" relies on imagery and sign - if Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown had seen this vulgar brand architecture they would have written a sequal to Learning from Las Vegas - YSL managed to rather hijack an entire city

Not pictured: This women grabbing my arm as I walked by, squeezing henna onto it while I screamed and then walking me back to her workplace. Picture 1: she finished her work 🙄 Picture 2: told Perry to take a pic and Picture 3: charged us for the henna and a photo #shesgood

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