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I am really excited to share a new endeavor, doing something I love for others who may not normally prioritize the “extra” self-care because they’re busy kicking cancers’ butt. This week was amazing, as I was able to gift microblading to an incredible wife, and mother of two. Her personality is so infectiously happy and positive, and it was so fun to have her close friends there as well to support her and cheer her on. I love the transformation, and more importantly I’m so glad she loves her new brows! This is something I am excited to do for my community, and your loved ones - please contact me for your next brow appointment, and to submit the name and story of a loved one in need of a little “extra” self-care. Also a huge thank you to Crystal K. Martel for capturing it on video!
For any questions or pricing info DM me or call David Alan Salon at (615) 401-9767
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New @mrbobbybones podcast with @lizrose0606 🙌🏼👍

Happy 50th Birthday @briannotsteffany !! We 💙 you! And yes surprise when you texted me this morning I was not in LA lol

You’re lookin at the best darn coozie hand-er out-er in Nashville TN

“All I wanna do is make a little cash, cause I’ve worked all the bad jobs busting my ass...All I wanna do is make something last, cause I know what I am, I know what I have.” (Margo Price) ⭐️ Aching for the days I have the space, time, and resources to experiment with combining my older skills with my newer. I’ve designed cool stuff for cool people over the last year, but I still feel a creative restriction without being able to utilize my textile art/design skills. One day I’ll be able to showcase these badass garments living inside my head. Until then, reckon I’ll do the best working all the bad jobs so I can to get to where I need to be.


Hey Dad. Been missing you a little extra today. Every once in awhile on days like these, I find myself searching through old photos, clawing desperately through the past, reaching out for something new to hold onto. I’ve stockpiled old pictures, videos, voicemails, text messages, e-mails, letters, and other tokens of your existence so I don’t forget the little things, like how you can’t ever take a serious photo, or the way your voice sounds when you say “Hey bud.” Leftover memories of the man your were.

But then God takes hold. He always does. He shows me that the love of a father transcends time and mortality. From my first breath, from my first step, from my first word, you were pouring into me the love, grace, gentleness, humility, and strength of a father; tokens that make me the man I am now. I still have no idea what I’m doing half the time, but you’ve given me everything I need to figure it out.
Thanks for being the man that made me a man. Looking forward to seeing you again soon and catching up. I’m sure we’ve both got a lot to talk about. #happyfathersday #dad

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